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Earth Ponky Walk

asciimation by Ponky, 24.05.2008

24.05.2008 12:54

by cfive

Looks more like a run, but I guess I'll just have to take your word on this one.
24.05.2008 13:15

by Ponky

well.. i guess its powerwalking.. :D
24.05.2008 18:41

by cfive

*athletix music plays* Pump it!
24.05.2008 19:17

by Ponky

LOUDER!!! (its a song, pump it louder is the chorus)
25.05.2008 12:18

by Dragonphase

I like the way u cut it off the bottom to give more room! 5/5 cos i like it!
25.05.2008 17:41

by Bluesboyjr

You may like it, but are you in like with it?
26.05.2008 04:11

by cfive

I can dig it!

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