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asciimation by Ponky, 01.05.2008

01.05.2008 22:27

by Ponky

make your eyes go slightly blurry and you can sort of see me better..*
01.05.2008 23:00

by Bluesboyjr

You could have smiled, couldn't you?
02.05.2008 07:04

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

I now want an actual image.
02.05.2008 11:42

by Dragonphase

Letting my eyes go blurry is something i cant resist doing at times when i see ascii's like this!

where are you?
02.05.2008 14:54

by Ponky

im in the middle and to see me for real search rory simmonds in google and my picture is he first one
03.05.2008 08:40

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

To auto-blur, press Ctrl and - three times.
20.06.2009 20:20

by Gameinsky

naaah 7 times is better!
27.08.2009 13:08

by Bionicbeetle

For some very strange reason, if i look at the Image, my ears ring horribly.. D:
20.07.2011 19:10

by CTDS3

When I do 5 times it looks 3D!

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