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Simon's /that/ bad

asciimation by icecap, 30.04.2008

30.04.2008 01:47

by fire_hurts

Nice, I'd just increase the number of frames for the text. Nice first 'mation.
03.05.2008 16:03

by cfive

SImon is like some sort of Angry Music Nerd!
03.05.2008 16:06

by cfive

Simon always sez "That's no good" also.... So what do you do if Simon says "That's no good"? First ya say "That's good" then ya "DO THIS, THEN GO LIKE THIS! PELVIC THRUST WOOOO WOOO STOP ON YOUR RIGHT FOOT DON'T FORGET IT, THEN BRIG IT AROUNG TOWN, BRING IT AROUND TOWN THEN THIS THEN THIS THEN THIS AND THEN SAY "THIS IS ILLEGAL YOU KNOW""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03.05.2008 16:07

by cfive

I think the framerate's fine-ish
04.05.2008 16:20

by Dragonphase

05.05.2008 00:06

by cfive

My cakes will burn!
05.05.2008 14:06

by Bluesboyjr

Where there's smoke your face must die into the pit (get the hint, gay Luigi) mah boi, this squadala is what all true spaghetti strive for!
06.05.2008 04:05

by cfive

Oh the indignity, your highness would you kindly cut the chains that bind me?


Thank you, Princess. I managed to conceal this magic lantern, I hope it can be of use.
21.09.2009 21:29

by Bionicbeetle

Oh the Youtube-poopity.

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