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asciimation by Draconis, 16.04.2008

17.04.2008 13:06

by karaboz

very nice creature! is it possible to make it hanging from left to right? To put it into ascii zoo contest page (=
17.04.2008 17:57

by Dragonphase

whooooo the simple things that can be created from looking far much better than JUST simple!!! karaboz, what do you mean hanging from left to right?
18.04.2008 14:15

by Draconis

well it's a mech but it could be a Cyborg could you clarify on "hanging form left to right"?
19.04.2008 18:40

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

Replace: Hanging
With: Moving
22.04.2008 20:47

by karaboz

DDGC is right (=
I meant to let it move from right to left inside the frame box (=

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