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Shiny Gallade

asciimation by gecko.jsc, 15.03.2008

15.03.2008 21:45

by Bluesboyjr

Well, at least you animated it. May I recommend a different background colour to make it stand out. 4/5.
15.03.2008 22:10

by gecko.jsc

You're right! It lokks a lot better with a darker background.
17.03.2008 00:37

by cfive

Go for black
23.03.2008 19:44

by Dragonphase

i have pearl. can't catch Mesprit, or Azelf. had to make Uxie faint ¬_¬ know any good techniques to catch Azelf + Mesprit?
23.03.2008 21:42

by cfive

Falcon punch it into submission?
23.03.2008 23:00

by gecko.jsc

Uxie is good, because it knows yawn, but Azelf fights back with uproar, which stops it from falling asleep. If you do manage to make Azelf fall asleep, then you will have an advantage. As for Mesprit, I suggest going to sandgem town or a place where it is very easy to get to some grass, then keep switching routes until Mesprit is on the same route as you, then use a quick ball as soon as you see it. It may take a while, but it will work even better if you can lower it's health down a bit. Also, you could use a Golbat with mean look to stop it from escaping.
24.03.2008 19:38

by Bluesboyjr

So the best attack to use on a Mesprit is 'Mean Look'?
"Oh no! The Mesprit is trying to escape! Which attack should I use? Uxie's Yawn or Golbat's Mean Look?"
Whatever happened to attacks which actually hurt the opponent?
I think I'm fine just playing my new Destroy All Humans game for the Wii. Now THERE are weapons with cool names: 'Quantum Destructor'; 'Zombie Gun', and 'Ion Detonator', to name but a few. And you get to go around in a giant robot and destroy everything with acid barf, laser beam eyes and house-flattening farts! Immature, yes (it's called 'Big Willy Unleashed', so I think they can get away with the farts), but IT ROCKS!

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