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Super Ascii

asciimation by guitarking96, 18.02.2008

18.02.2008 20:20

by guitarking96

why cant i make it my avatar?
19.02.2008 18:32

by asiekierka

i will not obey this crappy person, GUITAR KING #96!
19.02.2008 21:49

by Bluesboyjr

19.02.2008 23:06

by cfive

This is illegal, you know!
20.02.2008 07:34

by asiekierka

Yes i do, cfive. BUT THIS IS ALSO SP---wait, what is sparta
20.02.2008 17:45

by Bluesboyjr

From the Simple English Wikipedia (w00t Simple!):
Sparta is a city in Greece. It is the capital of the Laconia prefecture. It is located on the Peloponnese peninsula.
Sparta was city-state with a very strong military and a government that was well led. Sparta held a firm military, and was known as one of the strongest city-states in Greece. Only the strongest survived in Sparta, male or female. The Spartans weeded out their young early. Those with flaws were left to die.
Young Spartans were taken from their homes at the age of seven to begin a military life. The Spartans became soldiers at age 20, citizens at age 30, and retired at age 60. Men trained hard to become warriors of the Spartan army. Women were encouraged to keep healthy so that they could produce healthy, fit babies to grow up to be strong. Spartans saw little moral value in the concept of childbirth; unless the child was fit to become a Spartan, he would die.
Sparta had a government with checks and balances. The executive branch was led by two kings. The legislative branch was led by the citizens, and the judicial branch was controlled by the elders. There was also a committee of five men who were in charge of the education process that young boys and girls went through.
Sparta enslaved the people of Messenia around 640-620 BC. These slaves later became known as the Helots. Helots spent their lives farming their Spartan masters' kleros (land granted to Spartan citizens). At most times the Helots outnumbered their Spartan masters 10 to 1. They rebelled often, although never at any time able to overthrow their oppressors.
Once a Spartan reached the age of 20 he or she would then become a Homoioi. A Homoioi was a member of the ruling class (a citizen). Both men and women were citizens. Sparta was the leading society for women's rights as women were considered to be equal. The Spartan army used a formation called the phalanx. This made the Spartan front impenetrable.
20.02.2008 23:10

by cfive

I think impenetrble and weeded have too many words for simple English... erm maybe...

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