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asciimation by Bluesboyjr, 14.01.2008

15.01.2008 18:55

by Dragonphase

how about shifting to the let and right a little, make it look superb!
15.01.2008 18:59

by Bluesboyjr

It should be in a circle, but I didn't feel like it.
But, as it's open source, YOU can add to it as you please!
Asciimator is your oyster!
16.01.2008 18:15

by Dragonphase

To Karaboz:

Are you aware there is a new develpoer, or do you think that someone is hacking? i'm sorry i posted this here, i was in a rush

MOD Divinity Boy.
17.01.2008 03:31

by fire_hurts

DB, I think karabrutto prolly put that account like that for testing reasons, I'm just guessing though. (BTW Did you see our new forum powers :DD)

Now, @ BBJ: For your ascii, it's good, but I wouldn't make the "distortion" repetitive in the sense of it being copied frames with new numbers.  I also would've taken advantage of frame color changes feature as well. :D Still, very nice ascii :)
18.12.2008 17:34

by Bluesboyjr

I've made use of DBoy's and fire_hurts comments. Thanks guys!
21.02.2010 02:05

by Ratfink

To make it REALLY like the old videos, don't have it go to 1.  I don't know why, but those movies always stop at 2.  Still really great animation though.

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