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Mining guy

asciimation by Draconis, 12.01.2008

12.01.2008 20:02

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

I first tried this with the noob cannon =)
12.01.2008 23:26

by cfive

What frame shake feature?
13.01.2008 00:09

by Disabler

part of the floor disappears for one frame
13.01.2008 09:05

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

sry. frame shift.
17.01.2008 01:58

by mcinnis

yeah, if you fixed the frame shift and made stuff come from where the pick hits, it would be good
17.01.2008 04:00

by Draconis

frame shift is supposed to be there it is like an earthquake =)

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