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asciimation by Ponky, 18.12.2007

18.12.2007 22:49

by cfive

portal-->  -----
.            (
.           (_) <---feces

portal2--> -----
19.12.2007 15:33

by gecko.jsc

You could sell them out to asciimators for @50

@ = ASCIIcoinz
19.12.2007 15:34

by gecko.jsc

NO, NO! wait, you could make an asciimation selling them and to buy you need to vote 5!
19.12.2007 15:34

by gecko.jsc

I'd buy a portal gun.
19.12.2007 16:19

by Ponky

kwl.. but wait.. i reckon i could sell them for @500..!!
Karaboz cud put them on and u cud make it so say u made and asciimation and it got a rating of 3.. a rating of 4.. and a ratin gof 1.. you get @8.. or you could get @80.. it depends.. and u cud use them to buy stuff.. i dont now wat like though.. :S
19.12.2007 21:45

by gecko.jsc

Maybe new fetures for asciimator, like customizations for your profile page, or games to play, or secret cookies, etc...
19.12.2007 22:48

by Bluesboyjr

Hmm.. I believe that this asciicoinz thing would turn our beloved website into some kind of RPG, like Runescape >shudder<
20.12.2007 08:07

by ddgc (AFK Forever)
updated. redirect comments here.
21.12.2007 14:01

by rtnario

Man, and when I was getting the idea to do something like this  (right after playing Portal) XD
Great ASCIIfying though ^^
23.12.2007 18:59

by Dragonphase

wow, recreation from the live game! I loved that game! nice job
26.01.2008 08:55

by asiekierka

Made a better version, though my better version isn't portable anymore :(
27.01.2008 02:37

by cfive

SPeaking of portable versions being better, has anyone ever noticed that the GBA verion of Warioware>>>>>>>> the Gamecube version??? (Well, it might be awesome with a dancepad)
23.05.2009 03:46

by IAmTheScoutHere


I bow down to you.
08.07.2011 01:33

by CTDS3

here @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@ i sort them in tens so i can see better
08.07.2011 01:34

by CTDS3

oh i already have a portal gun built into a suit
08.07.2011 01:35

by CTDS3

*ahem* MY suit

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