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ANSI heaven

asciimation by gecko.jsc, 08.12.2007

08.12.2007 15:37

by Computergeek93

man thats a lotta frames lol 3 becz there are enough letters to make my eyes bleed
08.12.2007 16:00

by Dragonphase

U should randomise them in about 5 frames to make it look like matrix, or make it look like the "Free AsciiJack game platform" but i like these letters anyway!
08.12.2007 16:02

by Dragonphase

­ї'м ®Э4ding it

‰ - cannon
08.12.2007 20:07

by Bluesboyjr

Yayy! More to add to my Random Character Generator!
08.12.2007 23:06

by mcinnis

ALLRIGHT! it's in russian
11.02.2008 01:57

by guitarking96

how do you do this
11.02.2008 02:23

by cfive

MMM! PLATFORMERS! (psst, it's maaaagiiic!)

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