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asciimation by Dragonphase, 07.12.2007

07.12.2007 19:06

by Computergeek93

cool effect!
07.12.2007 19:28

by Dragonphase

07.12.2007 19:51

by gecko.jsc

Cool ascii with smoothe effect. Could you tell me a bit about him? Like where he lives and what type he is, or his special abilties? I want to use it for an upcoming big project.
07.12.2007 20:00

by Dragonphase

Ok heres the story i just imagined:

Mechanamus is an individual creature from a different dimentions. There are many creatures from this other dimention, their species are "Others". Mechanamus is a very special Other; he naturally inherits special telekenektic powers from a different species of creature called "Mechans", which gave him his name Mechanamus. His ancestory goes back three thousand years, and he also has a spiritual guide (BUT HE DOESNT KNOW IT) called Amus (which gave the Amus part of his name). Thats why his parents called him Mechanamus. His ancestory must count on him to relive the past, thats why Amus is trying to help him as his special guide. 

Random, i could have thought something better up...
07.12.2007 20:04

by Dragonphase

He travels into THIS current Ascii dimention using his past ancestory and his telekenectic powers and meets me, i showed him around and we are now great buddies :)

PS he also said to me that now that he relived his ancestory, he doesn't need to go back to his dimension of "Others". He says he was very left out from the other Others and feels he has met a true friend, me...
07.12.2007 20:07

by Dragonphase

he can also form any small shape, which he also inherited from the Mechans; he is made of liquid metal but can become solid at any time.
07.12.2007 20:32

by gecko.jsc

So he is steel/psychic type, and he came from another dimension...
08.12.2007 05:42

by rtnario

Damn, I like the machine-ish movements. :D
08.12.2007 16:31

by Dragonphase

Mechanamus can also become any size he wants. he intends to do all he can to become the best, but he must find out why... In history, another "Other" became of this world; this world was in moral peril, but this other saved it. the Others name was... Amus... yes... amus also felt left out from others, and when it passed on, it became Mechanamus' guide. Mechanamus was marked specially and it  is his duty to save the ascii world from a new threat... but when, thats the question...

How about that for an add-on?
08.12.2007 19:34

by Bluesboyjr

Make the gap at the end of the ascii longer, because it looks as if you accidentally ticked the looped box. And it's spelt dimension.
4/5 for the ascii!
08.12.2007 19:37

by Dragonphase

the looped box was already ticked AND it was intended...

AND i'll spell Dim3n5i0n the way i wanna... lol :)

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