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please watch

asciimation by guitarking96, 10.11.2007

10.11.2007 18:29

by cfive

I don't know much about the karma, but I don't think being
a pwn- uh moderator have to do with karma; I think it involves karaboz pwn- uh BESTOWING pwnag- uh MOD-NESS UPON THINE FOREHEAD!

5 anyway
10.11.2007 19:46

by Bluesboyjr

I agree with cfive. Because if moderatorness was just given out as a reward for karma then we'd have twenty moderators by next year.
5/5 for the ascii anyway.
20.06.2020 10:47

by Gameinsky

It is pretty funny though how every single moderator is a golden ASCIImator

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