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Pixel Pals

asciimation by Ponky, 08.11.2007

09.11.2007 01:14

by cfive

So, retro looking; what were your font settings?
09.11.2007 18:37

by gecko.jsc

Yaaay! It's a pixel Ecks!
I'll make another pixel pet...
Wait, let's have a contest!!!!
09.11.2007 18:41

by Ponky

i use 8, courier.. and i dont wanna be in no contest.. no one ever wins.. :S
09.11.2007 19:27

by gecko.jsc

I'll look and choose the top five when we have enough, then everyone can go to the forum page and choose thier favorite. That ok?
09.11.2007 23:03

by Bluesboyjr

Ha! Ponky used double negatives!
i dont wanna be in no contest = I do want to be in a contest
23.11.2007 18:03

by Ponky

lol fine ill be in the contest.. :|

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