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Pyros 7k34

asciimation by Draconis, 25.10.2007

25.10.2007 03:30

by cfive

Needs a better fade effect at the end.
26.10.2007 12:30

by Bluesboyjr

Is it supposed to burn away the floor at the end?
And cfive's right about the fading.
4/5 anyway!
26.10.2007 12:56

by Draconis

It's a Quantum phase disruptor

or in plain english A beam that affects matter at the quantum level thus making the floor disapear.
26.10.2007 13:01

by Bluesboyjr

Yes, that's what I thought, its a quantum disrupting phaser or-something-like-that.
31.10.2007 02:12

by Draconis


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