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The Ultimate MorphAtion

asciimation by asiekierka, 20.10.2007

20.10.2007 12:57

by asiekierka

3 crappy tags and a crappy score from a crappy person. REVEAL YOURSELF IDIOT!
20.10.2007 12:58

by asiekierka

i know! Richey... richeyrich?
20.10.2007 13:00

by gecko.jsc

Probably richeyrich...
20.10.2007 13:01

by asiekierka

Gecko.jsc, we should go chat somewhere. IRC, MSN or somewhere else?
20.10.2007 20:17

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

You can't just assume things. Who else was logged on recently?
20.10.2007 21:18

by Bluesboyjr

Maybe it was Crappy, the crappy person?
21.10.2007 12:38

by Ponky

hmm.. well ive been in germany, belgium, france and the netherlands.. not to mention my house so i have no idea..
21.10.2007 13:00

by asirae

I'm on to you...
21.10.2007 13:01

by Dragonphase

deleted crap tags... asirae what do u mean?
21.10.2007 22:25

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

On to who?
22.10.2007 21:52

by cfive

22.10.2007 22:36

by Bluesboyjr

"c-r-a-p", "ccrraapp", and "crap".
Hmmm... I think someone's trying to say something.
28.10.2007 10:55

by Flup

it's crazyhobo..despite having only three braincells he's managed to make a good deal of havoc.

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