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asciimation by miji, 16.10.2007

16.10.2007 19:12

by Ponky

kwl.. :D what is it..?
16.10.2007 19:17

by Ponky

btw.. who were the 5 mods who voted for me..? i got 5/6..
16.10.2007 19:20

by Dragonphase

theres only 4 mods
16.10.2007 19:20

by Dragonphase

you must have had one before the mod system came (by karaboz)
16.10.2007 21:59

by Bluesboyjr

The karma is the moderators + karabrutto.
16.10.2007 22:04

by cfive

Good ascii even though I HATE that website. But, strangely I like shoop da whoop. ALTHOUGH, I first found shoop on YTMND. Confused? Good.
16.10.2007 22:48

by cfive

Btw: What is /gif/ thread? (Or do I want to know for that reason?)
21.10.2007 09:46

by rtnario

I like its simplicity.

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