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Super Lunge 1

asciimation by Noxus/Nightmare, 11.07.2005

11.07.2005 20:50

by Noxus/Nightmare

How do I get asciimations into my acount? I made It but it
says guest.
12.07.2005 13:41

by guest

U mast be authorized
in upper-left corner form... 
U c?
13.07.2005 04:08

by supernova457

13.07.2005 07:41

by lyte

15.07.2005 16:33

by retarded

06.07.2006 04:18

by Noxus/Nightmare

How do I destroy the little pigs that I got from the

 ps. kthx for putting me in the top 20!
06.07.2006 06:24

by karaboz

you mean bugs which attack your monitor (=
(try to doubleclick them) haha!!

p.s. but in any case they will not disturb you some time -
i swiched them off for a while because the seems to
slowdown main asciimations... brbrb...

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