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Asciimator Cycling Logo..

asciimation by Ponky, 18.09.2007

18.09.2007 22:38

by cfive

What is this competition?
19.09.2007 20:30

by Dragonphase

no... by the way you can add this guy too...

/I\ <- Richyrichy     don't know if he is a good asciimator
/ \                   though... so lets just wait...besides
                      aren't we supposed to represent
                      asciimator in a sort of way? ah well!
19.09.2007 21:35

by Jamtheman

richyrichy..? never heard of him.. (this is on Ponkys behalf he's at my house..)
19.09.2007 21:47

by Ponky

ye me neither..
20.09.2007 21:38

by Dragonphase

yay ponky now we have more asciimators... Jamtheman ur friend, Welcome to asciimator (=

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