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Last battle of Karaboz

asciimation by karaboz, 09.09.2007

09.09.2007 09:43

by Flup

Lol. So true
09.09.2007 11:09

by Ponky

lol.. but im afraid to say.. it is just a little nerdy how he seems to have spent ALL his time on asciimator.. 1 month and 14 days i think.. and almost 140 asciimations.. thats basically 45 days at almost 3 asciimations a day..!
09.09.2007 13:28

by Dragonphase

and whats wrong with doing three asciimations a day?
09.09.2007 18:16

by karaboz

All is okay, Divinity Boy! I think everybody likes to enjoy your new asciimations (=

Ponky, I think the ASCIImator's rating system is not the only one which tells the whole truth about the authors (= It mostly tells about popularity of the author, the quality of asciimations is more complicated thing... We need more places (like contests, or projects, or collections) where everybody could find him the best among others (=
09.09.2007 20:27

by cfive

On the back of majestic stallions!

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