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PixelBall: Platform Mooove

asciimation by asiekierka, 15.08.2007

15.08.2007 16:26

by asiekierka

ASCII2GIF is too slow for it :(
15.08.2007 17:26

by rtnario

Asie, ASCII2GIF was never the problem. It's Windows Picture
and Fax viewer. I used to make GIF avatars, and I noticed
that when the gif was viewed in the Windows Viewer, the
fastest speed it could view the GIF was 5 ms, but the
actual speed was 1 ms. You'll see that it really isn't
the problem if you view your converted GIF in FireFox or a
good GIF Editor/Viewer...that isn't the Windows Default.
15.08.2007 20:49

by Ponky

16.08.2007 02:52

by cfive

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