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ASCIIzoo: rtnario

asciimation by rtnario, 14.08.2007

14.08.2007 16:22

by asiekierka

But cfive took the idea from me!
You put stickmen (people), i put an ASCIImal form of
"myself" xD
So it's half his idea.
14.08.2007 16:24

by rtnario

...o-kay...then, thank you too I guess XD
14.08.2007 16:31

by Draconis

thanks for buying :)
14.08.2007 16:39

by rtnario

Umm, I don't get what you're saying Draconis o.o
14.08.2007 16:54

by Draconis

that is my way of saying thanks for marketing my insane
collection ;)
14.08.2007 17:02

by cfive

Alright! :)=)

15.08.2007 00:39

by karaboz

very nice addition to the collection!
07.12.2007 15:25

by Computergeek93

cool! thats an awesome idea! u r a great asciimator!

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