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The Groove-balls 2

asciimation by Dragonphase, 14.08.2007

15.08.2007 20:01

by mcinnis

huck phoy
15.08.2007 20:47

by Ponky

??? huck phoy..?? Very good.. :D (who rated it as one..?)
16.08.2007 00:47

by cfive

WOW! It looks like an illusion type thing! How long did it
take you to plan this? =)
18.08.2007 20:42

by Dragonphase

Sorry guys been London for weekend and couldnt find an
internet café, so here i am... BTW it was hard because
i had to keep looking at past frames to get precision...
19.08.2007 04:27

by cfive

It looks like that one called"juggling impossible"!
19.08.2007 14:07

by Dragonphase

19.08.2007 15:54

by cfive

I think karaboz made it.

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