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As the day goes by...

asciimation by rtnario, 12.08.2007

12.08.2007 16:45

by Ponky

brilliant.. the rain but is the best.. and i dont get it..
your hair shows you could be a girl.. but it is more likely
you are a boy..? So are you a boy.. or a girl..?
12.08.2007 19:10

by fire_hurts

Ponky, I do not think that that is hair. He began using that
using that manikin in his "Haudoken' (probably spelled
wrong) series. So, I am assuming that it is some sort of a
head band blowing in the wind. =)
12.08.2007 19:16

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

It is a headband
(see comments)
13.08.2007 11:51

by rtnario

I can't believe mystery actually surrounds me. XD
03.11.2007 19:42

by cfive

It's still a mystery! -Spongebob & Patrick! (in unison!)
07.12.2007 15:24

by Computergeek93

awesome! you are great w/asciimator pro!

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