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Space Avoider

asciimation by Ponky, 10.08.2007

10.08.2007 22:26

by Ponky

Maxed it now.. lol.. :D
10.08.2007 22:53

by Dragonphase

what do you do?
10.08.2007 23:10

by Ponky

dodge the rocks.. lol..
10.08.2007 23:12

by Draconis

thats 3x73=219
10.08.2007 23:26

by cfive

Dodge with the cursor?
11.08.2007 22:33

by Ponky

ye u dodge with the cursor lol..
18.11.2007 08:39

by Tyr

hehe cool Idea I like it, I'm 5ing it
18.11.2007 08:40

by Tyr

you should open source it so people can help add levels and stuff
18.11.2007 20:16

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

Did you know that if you press the button named player, you can copy the frame using copy+paste. After you do the first frame, press -> and copy the second frame.

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