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ASCIImator story part 22

asciimation by guest, 24.07.2007

24.07.2007 10:45

by asiekierka

What 1000th frame? FLUP/whoever are you!
24.07.2007 22:22

by Ponky

ye.. there is no 1000th frame..!
24.07.2007 22:49

by Draconis

wait there was no change whatsoever...
26.07.2007 21:50

by karaboz

was Draconis the last person who publish this version?
Was I right making him the autor?
26.07.2007 22:34

by Draconis

No I am not... someone else made it or...a wierd bug
happened when I was guest
05.11.2007 03:14

by ddgc (AFK Forever)


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