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Vacuum Tube Awareness Police

asciimation by Ponky, 23.07.2007

24.07.2007 18:09

by Draconis

I am very surprised by how My Vacuum tube transportation
system has worked out and ponky that is Very funny and some
text goes by too fast excellent asciimation though
24.07.2007 18:58

by Ponky

which texts.. i am a very fast reader so please explain
which and i will change it.. :D
24.07.2007 20:50

by Draconis

Just add at least two frames on the one that starts with To
identify a real pipe then it is fixed
24.07.2007 22:27

by Ponky

done.. :D
12.10.2007 16:50

by Flup

Great idea!

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