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plane shooter

asciimation by gecko.jsc, 23.07.2007

23.07.2007 15:56

by cfive

How did you do the vibrations?
23.07.2007 18:24

by Ponky

nice.. :D
24.07.2007 00:29

by karaboz

nice done! unfortunately the ascii camera didn't show the
second explosion (= the plane was moving too fast (=
24.07.2007 00:45

by cfive

Really, how did you do the vibrations?
/ \
24.07.2007 15:12

by gecko.jsc

What vibrations?
24.07.2007 15:27

by brutto

what do you talking about? 
24.07.2007 17:40

by fire_hurts

I think cfive is talking about the bottom half of the plane
going up and down a few pixels each frame. Cfive I think it
is the font that does this. =)
24.07.2007 18:40

by cfive

Yes, the bottom half of the plane is it.
30.07.2007 19:26

by gecko.jsc

I dunno, it wasn't meant to be like that.
30.07.2007 19:27

by gecko.jsc

Like fire hurts said, it must be something to do with the
30.07.2007 19:55

by cfive

ok! Thanks, either way, it looks great!
31.07.2007 22:04

by gecko.jsc

05.08.2007 19:47

by Ponky

yes gecko you truly are amazing at doing ths kind of thing..
5/5 :D
07.08.2007 11:43

by rtnario

...just 4.80 for this? 5'D. ;)
26.09.2007 18:44

by gecko.jsc

I con't beleive I got this much praise for one of my very first asciimationS!!!
30.11.2007 01:24

by ibra007

great!!! 5 thumbs up (If I had them)
25.06.2011 11:56

by sepehrnoor

I remember Fall 2010, when I was a lame guest. I downloaded this ASCII as a GIF and transferred it to my mobile phone, so I can watch it anywhere, because it was so AWESOME. And guess what! I just found out this is still in my mobile along with one of Ponky's random ASCII's, the NY thingy clock and the realistic moth ( :P ) xD

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