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asciimation by Ponky, 21.07.2007

22.07.2007 16:12

by karaboz

I like effects but didn't understand the sequence of
actions... why did the man width laser die too? what
happend to him? (=
22.07.2007 16:46

by Ponky

well.. what happens is that he shoots a dummy with a laser
and then he reverses it with a special mode (thats the
second shot he fires) but it messes up and brings the dummy
to life who shoots him..
23.07.2007 13:42

by brutto

cool lazer! how much? xD
25.07.2007 21:53

by Ponky

oh um.. around $15 i guess.. but it's price goes down at
christmas.. :D
27.10.2007 15:01

by origamiguy

maybe the dummy did a shoop da whoop!

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