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Everybody Loves Ponky. Ep 1.

asciimation by Ponky, 13.07.2007

13.07.2007 18:13

by cfive

*cues laugh track*
13.07.2007 18:16

by asiekierka

13.07.2007 19:30

by Draconis

lol funny
13.07.2007 23:33

by Ponky

don't worry their will be more soon..
26.07.2007 11:11

by Flup

13.09.2009 20:00

by Gameinsky

everybody loves Pnky! oops...
Sorry It was:everybody loves donkey!
13.09.2009 20:01

by Gameinsky

Can I make my own ?
13.09.2009 20:02

by Ponky

Yes and.. that last joke was pretty poor
13.09.2009 20:06

by Gameinsky

I don't know what you mean exactely, but thanks anyway!
13.09.2009 20:21

by Bionicbeetle

The Joke.
"everybody loves Pnky! oops...
Sorry It was:everybody loves donky!"
That's the Joke.
Atleast, I hope it was a joke..

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