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rtnario's clock (OS Version)

asciimation by rtnario, 02.04.2007

02.04.2007 12:16

by rtnario

I was thinking...if you could reverse the whole thing it'd
be okay
02.04.2007 13:57

by brutto

02.04.2007 15:04

by darkrae

Beautiful !!
02.04.2007 19:41

by karaboz

I reversed your asciimation in order to satisfy ASCIImated
clock format... But may be some transitions were corrupted.
Please check this asciimation one more time! (=

p.s. your rotating digits incredible! ((=
03.04.2007 07:46

by rtnario

Wow, awesome, karaboz! Thanks a lot! It looks fine ^^
04.08.2007 14:45

by Dragonphase

can sum1 tell me how to put my clock on contest page
04.08.2007 15:22

by rtnario

Divinity boy, put simply:
You can't put a clock on the contest page.
You'll have to wait for karaboz or brutto to do all the
coding and stuff so that the clock would work. Only then
will you see your clock on the contest page. Hope this
helped. ;)

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