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what you do when bored

asciimation by guitarking96, 30.03.2007

01.04.2007 03:56

by karaboz

hahaha (=
25.10.2007 10:14

by Flup

16.01.2012 14:46

by CTDS3

Change the size of the frame box. When it goes sideways, it only shows the head.
16.01.2012 16:25

by Gameinsky

This Asciimation is 4 year old, this guy doesn't ASCIImate anymore.
16.01.2012 20:10

by guitarking96

Hello there
16.01.2012 20:50

by Gameinsky

Oh hello there.
17.01.2012 16:31

by sepehrnoor

Guitarking is back? LOL!
But we joined, like, 3 years after he stopped ASCIImating, so he probably doesn't know us.
17.01.2012 17:55

by Gameinsky

it's just an email notification thingy :P
18.01.2012 00:36

by CTDS3

Holy ***? I still need you to change the size.
18.01.2012 12:28

by sepehrnoor

@Olivier: Guessed so.
I've set my email to archive any emails from ASCIImator in a folder, because they are kinda spammy when there's a debate going on in my ASCIImataions' comment section.
18.01.2012 14:05

by AweAndWonder

The frame box is fine.  >_<  When it's sideways, there is no body.  Use the player to see.

I didn't think of that!  That's a good idea b/c they are kinda spammy sometimes.

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