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i really dont know

asciimation by guitarking96, 25.02.2007

25.02.2007 00:50

by karaboz

wow! it's amazing! i feel the power of golden author(=
25.02.2007 01:29

by cfive

Yes, yes, I agree. I feel great might in the young one. lol
25.02.2007 01:30

by guitarking96

im not that young!
25.02.2007 01:34

by cfive

Don't worry. I was joking. Young as in a newer user.
25.02.2007 01:35

by guitarking96

oOo thanks!!
26.02.2007 06:05

by rtnario

^_^ Fun transforming...and yes, I think that a bit more
awesome ASCIImations from you will make you a golden

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