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Bouncy ball 2!

asciimation by me, 23.02.2007

23.02.2007 17:40

by karaboz

haha! (= you couldn't stop yourself!
hahaha! destruction want you!
23.02.2007 17:47

by fire_hurts

theres the explosion... i guess your period of not making
explosions has ended... =)
24.02.2007 20:55

by cfive

I thought it just broke through, not exploded. Either way,
it rocks!
24.02.2007 21:08

by fire_hurts

yeah, cfive your right, it broke =))
26.02.2007 05:58

by rtnario

LOL! I was just watching it and then it suddenly
Very good, me. Your comeback makes the ASCIImator site

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