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Bouncy ball!

asciimation by me, 23.02.2007

23.02.2007 17:07

by karaboz

awesome. you are right. there no any explosions... woah!
nevertheless it's very sweet. I'll put it in my mobile
phone coolection (=

p.s. how do you do, me? we miss you (=
23.02.2007 17:10

by me


And I've been kinda busy with other stuff, so I haven't
been on much, but I still try to come on when I can.

Ty for missing me :P
23.02.2007 17:11

by rtnario

Wow. I like the physics, me!
23.02.2007 17:41

by karaboz

I converted your bouncy into gif and now it plays on the
screen of my mobile (= nice... (=
09.01.2018 21:02

by dl2810

Oh hey its like the one ooze from cuphead!

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