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Firework Launcher

asciimation by rtnario, 22.02.2007

22.02.2007 13:33

by rtnario

This is my work! >_< If somehow my internet made this go to
the guest account, don't make it count, plz... Thanks
22.02.2007 16:08

by brutto

wow!!! i luv it!!!!
well  its asciijack-style game...
maybe we can get a collection of one-click games?
23.02.2007 01:20

by karaboz

Now the idea was born. Let's make special ASCIImator
subdirectory where we will put all our One Click games.
Look, I created the special tag: oneclick game, where all
these asciimations are grouped...

It's temporary depositarium. Lately we will create the
special subdirectory.
23.02.2007 10:36

by rtnario

...Whoa! Nice idea karaboz, can't wait until it's done ;)

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