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so thats where it was

asciimation by guitarking96, 17.02.2007

18.02.2007 05:08

by brutto

little animate fallin' head...
thinking its will be funny XD
18.02.2007 15:14

by guitarking96

btw brutto how do you become a golden member?(=
18.02.2007 15:35

by guitarking96

18.02.2007 15:36

by fire_hurts

heres the correct url (accidently left ouy a "?"):
18.02.2007 15:37

by guitarking96

ok thank you
18.02.2007 15:40

by guitarking96

that wasnt how to become a golden member
18.02.2007 16:14

by fire_hurts

it was, but you don't just become one, karaboz and/or
brutto would put you on the list of the featured (golden)
animators, if they think you have good and interesting
asciimations. =)))
18.02.2007 18:07

by guitarking96

ok thanks

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