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asciimation by fire_hurts, 01.02.2007

01.02.2007 19:38

by brutto

nice puppets %)
mb 3D of aquarium box make asciimation better? ;?
01.02.2007 20:33

by fire_hurts

maybe, but personally i like it how it is. =)
06.02.2007 03:33

by karaboz

Yes. it's nice asciimation! fire_hurts, i was inspired by
your aquarium and make my own 'zoo' (= I am not sure that
such asciimations good for wall paper on pc monitors but i
am sure absolutely it's great for mobile screens! (just
let's wait a little for ascii2gif converter) (=
07.02.2007 01:06

by fire_hurts

you're right, a monitor's too big, phones would be better
=) can't wait for ascii2gif and your 'zoo' ascii. =)))

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