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Going Home

asciimation by rtnario, 22.01.2007

22.01.2007 21:38

by StonedChipmunk

wow, nice job... good work on the levels of motion, too, I
like how the signs are a bit slower than the road and the
mountains even slower, then the sun/moon not moving at
all... awesome
26.01.2007 15:11

by karaboz

15.02.2007 11:51

by origamiguy

15.02.2007 13:30

by brutto

moving on!
07.12.2007 17:01

by Computergeek93

Dude! You are awesome!
05.09.2009 18:20

by Bionicbeetle

Excellent use of Framerate.
05.04.2011 20:13

by AweAndWonder

Definite awesomeness!
05.04.2011 22:22

by Gameinsky

I'm your shadow, bawrawrawrawr >:C

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