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The People of

asciimation by fire_hurts, 16.12.2006

16.12.2006 05:32

by me

Oh no, I was run over by a running person :0

Awesome job on that :)
16.12.2006 06:00

by supernova457


I'm horrible...

I need a tutor...

Awesome Ascii! =D
16.12.2006 16:04

by cfive

I've been having an awful week but you just made it beeter
16.12.2006 16:55

by fire_hurts

Thanks alot everyone! =) Sorry about your week cfive. =(
16.12.2006 19:27

by brutto

wow!! fh - its genius work!
respect alot... 
amazing animation... of every char...
16.12.2006 21:10

by cfive

btw... my next rubber duck ascii is coming soon.   =)
16.12.2006 23:09

by cfive

How about a sequel? =)
17.12.2006 21:49

by fire_hurts

Maybe, but it definately won't be out this year.
17.12.2006 23:31

by cfive

04.01.2007 00:45

by G-Gaming

nice one ! how long do you think that would have took? . i
think about an hour, maybe an hour and a half! but anyways,
thats some nice asciimation.
04.01.2007 00:52

by fire_hurts

actually that took me probably about 5-7 hours. but thanks
for the compliment.
04.01.2007 00:58

by fire_hurts

now that i think about it, it took about 4-5 hours. (the
hardesst part was the beginning when all the - came down
with karaboz)
04.01.2007 11:49

by rtnario

Wow. I can't wait for next year's sequel!
(And I sure hope there is)

 "rtnario's award for really great ascii"


/ >

Congratulations for being the first!
04.01.2007 11:50

by rtnario

Whoooops. My sig screwed up. Anyway, you rule!
16.01.2007 22:51

by fire_hurts

thanks on that award rtnario!
24.01.2007 04:14

by Dark_Link777

Haha, great job! Very fluid animation with a high frame
rate. Despite it's long running time, I think it ended too
soon. =)
24.01.2007 04:57

by bloomerleif

how could you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            YOU FORGOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25.01.2007 03:35

by fire_hurts

well, you weren't on the site when i was doing this =)
16.02.2007 01:38

by guitarking96

can i be in the sequel i am new here but i love animating!
12.03.2007 23:38

by Noxus/Nightmare

If only i'd stuck to the site those summer days, I'm just
a normal guy everyone overlooks now. But awesome Ascii man!
13.03.2007 22:50

by fire_hurts

good too see another asciimator from a while back. well
thanks anyway. =)))
26.07.2007 19:21

by Ponky

wen you make the sequel can you put me in..? i might be
golden by then.. :D
03.08.2007 19:43

by Dragonphase

And me
12.09.2007 23:56

by Anachronism

Nice. hehe. glad to hear I inspired it.
24.09.2007 18:35

by asiekierka

I DON'T WANT TO BE IN A SEQUEL (if it'll be made).
24.09.2007 23:24

by kjkuh

If you make a sequel, please oh please put me in it.
11.10.2007 17:12

by Flup

and me!
12.10.2007 01:24

by cfive

"Me", as in you, or "me" as in the asciimator me? =) lawlme
30.01.2008 19:19

by Bluesboyjr

Put EVERYONE in it!
(Except Asie, because he doesn't want to, for some bizarre reason)
30.01.2008 20:12

by asiekierka

I mean, i do want now, just make me appear from a bizarre place.
30.01.2008 21:05

by Bluesboyjr

Like an elephant's butt?
31.01.2008 01:11

by cfive

Or Uranus?
31.01.2008 01:11

by cfive

^Worst comment ever, btw^
31.01.2008 06:54

by asiekierka

Nope, Nope.

I'd like to appear...
an ? block, just like in Super Mario Bros.

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