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asciimation by fire_hurts, 10.11.2006

10.11.2006 10:57

by karaboz

it's strange and funny (=
10.11.2006 16:21

by supernova457

Very funny and cool. =)))))
04.01.2007 12:47

by G-Gaming

wicked. awesome! love the vibrations. i was watching it with
all the sheep moving around on your screen. lol =)
06.01.2007 10:20

by rtnario

That's another clever way to use the mouse. Keep it up!
23.02.2007 01:37

by karaboz

fire hurts! you told about "classic touch animations"...
Could you give some examples here? (links the best way)
24.02.2007 05:33

by fire_hurts

what i had in mind when i made this was rtnarios basketball
and the handgun asciis. i guess those aren't really
"hand" animations. here ill fix the caption to classic
click animations. =))
24.02.2007 13:37

by karaboz

ok, so the key word is "click me"?
yes? (= like "eat me" hehe..
12.06.2007 09:21

by Flup

ZOMG JELLO!!!!!!!!  YAY!!
19.07.2007 22:24

by Ponky

lol funny.. :D
24.09.2007 21:50

by cfive

Jazz is like Jell-o pudding!

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