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asciimation by rtnario, 12.10.2006

13.10.2006 01:11

by karaboz

rtnario! you are master of animations (=
13.10.2006 14:10

by bloomerleif

     | ||X|X|     that was awsome!!!
     | ||X|X|
15.10.2006 22:26

by brutto

very powerfull!
very energetically!!!!
A-a-ash-h! =)
14.10.2007 15:43

by rtnario

Okay, I'm sorry if I sound arrogant or anything, but...

Am I seeing this?

Probably one of the ASCIImations that DID revolutionize this site, plus the one that made me golden?
Is rated anything other than a 5? This is the first of its kind! You wouldn't have any sort of
a huge energy blast without my original idea being used in this ASCIImation! And what's that
over there? The date? 12.10.2006? WAY before PRO. WAY before DBoy, DDGC, Ponky and all the other new

...okay, I'm being really cocky and I hate it, I don't want to continue typing any more
reasons. Just please, out of respect for the one ASCIImation that made me into the user I am now in, change your score. I seriously hate the fact that I'm showing a side of myself
that I've never shown before, that I've always prevented from taking over me.

Think about it, I beg of you. Think of how important this one ASCII is to me. Then think about
yourself, and the reason you were made gold. Would you want your masterpiece gashed? Scarred
forever? Never thought to be what made you be you? No, right? You wouldn't want that.
You'd never want that. So please. Just, please rethink your decision, and what it's done,
what it's doing and what it'll do. Once more, I am very sorry for all I've offended,
or maybe even disgraced, but please. Have some mercy. Mercy, even for me.
14.10.2007 17:12

by Bluesboyjr

That comment reached out to me, rtnario, and I'm only a red, so you get a 5/5 from me!
14.10.2007 17:17

by rtnario

Thank you for your understanding, bluesboyjr ^^ I appreciate it more than you think.
14.10.2007 21:59

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

Do people say DDGC because they automatically assume that it stands for something? It does. It stands for:
14.10.2007 22:36

by cfive

01.06.2011 19:25

by Gameinsky

I really love how that guy charges them, in all 4 of them :)

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