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ASCIImators Battle (406)

asciimation by Eggron, 29.03.2021

01.04.2021 23:25

by Gameinsky

Hey! Not sure who you are but that's quite a good entry!
(I know you're a new user, but I doubt this is your first time doing stuff like this)

Now we need to find something to do with this duck, ugh.
I ahd cleaned it up on purpose because it is actually unstable.
12.04.2021 05:32

by AweAndWonder

Okay I got an idea, I'll go next.
12.04.2021 05:46

by AweAndWonder

This is really good btw! :) Glad to have new people!
12.05.2021 00:24

by AweAndWonder

Hey I'm having a bit of an... animator's block. I kinda had an idea, but I'm not sure where to take it. I will try when I have time again, cuz I want this to continue, but if in the meantime someone else wants to continue, feel free to comment here and grab the next one from me. I won't mind.
15.05.2021 12:28

by AweAndWonder

Okay I made some progress, maybe by the end of the weekend

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