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ASCIImators Battle (404)

asciimation by gecko.jsc, 10.06.2020

15.07.2020 01:30

by Gameinsky

Another really good entry!
I said on the previous one that i'd go next but what I ahd in mind won't work whti this setup so if anyone else wants to go, feel free to.
15.07.2020 01:31

by CTDS3

You can literally feel the animation in real time thats how good it is
teno out of ten, u did great
15.07.2020 01:43

by gecko.jsc

Thanks <3
15.07.2020 01:43

by Dragonphase

ASCIImation Not Found.
15.07.2020 05:21

by rtnario

Loading PUNchline ... hilarious :))
15.07.2020 10:03

by Gameinsky

Hey Rtnario, you came into the irc when all of us were asleep, lol (it was 4 & 5 am for me when you entered, lol)
15.07.2020 10:12

by gecko.jsc

Oops maybe I should have sent the memo before midnight xD
15.07.2020 16:16

by rtnario


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