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RFC - The Website's Future

asciimation by asiekierka, 11.10.2016

11.10.2016 20:44

by asiekierka

I already have a rough vision of what I'd like the website to look like after a "rebirth", but I'm curious to hear your opinions, as many of you have been around more than I was in the past year!
12.10.2016 00:10

by AweAndWonder

Thanks for keeping Asciimator alive. :) I remember the cold times when the site was down for months before you took over. :P I feel like this is a hidden treasure in the internet. In a time everything feels like it's already been done, I feel like we have something unique and special here. I haven't found another site quite like it, and nothing could replace it.

Usually I'm always scared of my favorite sites changing. There's always stuff I'm afraid of losing, and I'd hate to lose the old-school charm of the site for want of something more modern. (Youtube drove me crazy :P ) But honestly, the site is begging for improvements:

The first thing that's bugged me is that it's really, really hard to communicate with other users since last comments no longer show on the front page. I feel like this limitation has stifled the community. I know you couldn't keep the last comments up for technical reasons, but is there some way around it or some alternative? Or could the re-write fix the problem?

Also, the front page isn't quite symmetrical. The left column looks so much wider than the center and right columns. Been bugging me for ages. :P

Then there's the lack of forums. But, for what it's worth, I did make a subreddit a few months ago. I didn't have time to make it look fancy, but if anyone wants to use it to post highlights or discussions or whatever, here it is: 

More about design, it'd be awesome if the site could fit wide screens better, while still shrink to accommodate smaller screens (I use a wide-screen laptop, but I still have a CRT at home). Maybe some sort of liquid layout or something.  Right now this little comment box is surrounded by white space, and I feel like the space could be used a bit better.

Some things I'd hate to see go, though. Like the Asciimator logos and other user-generated things on the front page, since they hold so much charm. But a fresh look would be awesome (as long as it's still ASCII of course). Even though I'm rambling, I trust your taste. :P
12.10.2016 00:26

by asiekierka

Honestly, the thing I'd look forward to most myself is a new editor, with some proper functionality like layering, onion skin - and maybe even the long-controversial multicolor.

I doubt I'd go all "Web 2.0" on the website's design. It's unique and, if anything, I'd like to have more of those sweet little surprises we used to have.
12.10.2016 00:42

by Gameinsky

Keep ASCII a major trait in the new site design :P

Maybe a nice chat would be nice so you can more directly talk to people?

I mean, I made a discord chat but I know not everyone will use it.
12.10.2016 00:45

by AweAndWonder

Ooooooooo Layering would be wicked awesome. I'd be down for multicolor maybe. And... I know it's crazy, but... sound? :P

But... but going forward, we need a paradigm shift, we need to bring to the table something cutting edge, something game-changing! We need a smooth, hip, intuitive site that empowers end users. We need to be innovative! To disrupt the blogosphere and go viral!!! Synergy!

In other words, true. :P
12.10.2016 00:46

by AweAndWonder

(Idk I just spend the last 10 minutes looking up business buzzwords)
12.10.2016 00:48

by AweAndWonder

^^Also agree with what GIS said. :P I'll check out the Discord sometime.
12.10.2016 00:49

by asiekierka

12.10.2016 00:52

by AweAndWonder

Yep I remember :3 That was cool. :P Could other animations ever have something like that?
12.10.2016 01:02

by asiekierka

Yes. It's a part of the JSON file already.
12.10.2016 05:17

by AweAndWonder

Oooo :D Sweet
15.10.2016 05:04

by CTDSThree

Are status updates fine? Like a little description that goes below your chosen avatar, which you can
update? Would that ruin the feel of the website?
EDIT: I mean like, under the avatar ASCIImation and its description, there would be an editable status that anyone can see under the avatar ASCIImation and description. So you're changing the status.

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