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asciimation by andersamer, 25.02.2016

25.02.2016 12:57

by Gameinsky

Is this your first? That's actually quite impressive!
25.02.2016 16:23

by AweAndWonder

Ooooo, nice animation!  Welcome!
25.02.2016 18:16

by Coolguy1260

WOW! Pretty good asciimation!
25.02.2016 23:40

by andersamer

I actually made a couple as guest when the registration wasnt working. if you remember that one with the trampoline that was me also
26.02.2016 01:34

by Coolguy1260

I've never seen that one ;-;. Yeah, I've been on this site a while back but again, reg wsnt working.
26.02.2016 02:10

by andersamer

I also made the "hunger games" for the asciimators

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