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4E 05

asciimation by dominator, 10.02.2016

10.02.2016 07:34

by Gameinsky

I liked what your last 3 ASCIImations looked like.

Is this also an unpublished ASCII or did you actually make it recently?
10.02.2016 11:26

by dominator

Thanks. This was made back in 2010. I decided to finish and post all the decent old stuff.

There's also a continuation with a sidescroller-style gameplay intro in the first town but it requires relatively more work and that, in turn, requires some inspiration, which I lately find a bit lacking. In fact, I went here looking for it. Some was found. :)

And then there's another asciimation from 2010 which has a ragequit history. :D A driving car. I made three layers of background, each moving at their own speed, creating an illusion of depth. About an hour and a half of work. But then the editor (or, perhaps, my Internet connection) glitched while saving, I didn't have a backup and it was back to the backgroundless car. >_< Lesson learned.

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