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ASCIImators Battle (350)

asciimation by Gameinsky, 26.01.2016

26.01.2016 16:24

by AweAndWonder

XD I need to play Undertale.
26.01.2016 16:38

by Ascimator

It seems like the whole world played Undertale. The only things I know about it is that it has a hilarious dog, and that it has Megalovania.
26.01.2016 18:29

by Gameinsky

From my expeirnece undertale is really corny and cheezy.
It's a funny game with an interesting battle system (showcased in this 'mation). What's so special about is that you can also end battles without fighting but rather find other ways to end a confrontation.

It's a great game but shouldn't be forced into anyone's throat. It's also best that you know as little as possible when going into it.
26.01.2016 19:58

by Ascimator

So... you can weird your opponent out of combat?
30.01.2016 03:35

by Gameinsky

Having completed two runs of this game today...

I will recommend you play it.
Not even 'try'. Full on play. Till the end.
The less you know about it, the better the experience will be. Trust me, it IS worth it. Especially if you like JRPG's.
30.01.2016 21:13

by Ascimator

Oh weeeeelllllll... me next?
12.02.2016 02:57

by CTDSThree


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