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ASCIImators Battle (348)

asciimation by CTDSThree, 28.11.2015

28.11.2015 04:20

by CTDSThree

Note: DO NOT HATE because I did cruddy animation.
I just did it intenshiunalley, because this thing has not advanced in a while and I wanted to just roam and push it forward.
03.12.2015 04:02

by CTDSThree

menextey den
30.12.2015 17:37

by CTDSThree

nobody wants to go next ;_:
12.01.2016 14:16

by CTDSThree

24.01.2016 19:14

by Ascimator

I'll take the next one. Been a while since I animated.
03.08.2016 20:38

by CTDSThree

hey! we skipped a number!!!

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