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ASCIImators Battle (343)

asciimation by sepehrnoor, 21.01.2015

22.01.2015 17:44

by MyO

I'm next. =)
22.01.2015 18:38

by MyO

Erm... What the heck? I've stopped at just 147 frames, and the ASCIImator continues to break down with 413 REQUEST ENTITY TOO LARGE! Could anybody please warn Asie?
23.01.2015 14:23

by asiekierka

Could you try now?
23.01.2015 20:36

by MyO

Still the same, Asie. I'm trying to use large block characters like ▌ in copious amounts -- maybe they are causing the glitch?
23.01.2015 20:39

by MyO

Publised my unfinished draft for you to analyze, Asie.

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