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ASCIImator is not dead!

asciimation by asiekierka, 10.07.2014

10.07.2014 22:34

by CTDSThree

Oh phew.

I was beginning to get scared when my internet went off for a minute and ASCIImator continued to not load.
10.07.2014 22:52

by asiekierka

Don't forget to check out the link in the description!
10.07.2014 23:04

by Gameinsky

ASCIImator 3.117 patchnotes:
Now runs on toasters from the year 2007 onward. Do NOT try it on Ikea toasters, as the result will be an explosion of meatballs.
10.07.2014 23:14

by CTDSThree

I saw the link.
11.07.2014 00:00

by AweAndWonder

Woot! :)

Good thing I didn't close my ASCIImator window since yesterday.  :P

I've been running it on a toaster from 2002.  I know the risks, and I'm prepared to face any consequences of my actions!  Bring it on!  >:)

Also sweet app you got there, though I don't use Mac.  Maybe it'll get us some more attention

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